Artwork Spec

Our Mobile and Stand Alone billboards all house 6 sheet posters. These are the same size as a bus stop advertising poster (1800 x 1200mm) Portrait, so in many cases there are no additional costs incurred by the clients producing different sized creative. You don’t have to work to finished size, as we will scale your artwork up before printing. We do recommend your designer produces artwork to scale and in proportion to the final size i.e between the ratios of 1:1 & 1:20.

For example, artwork produced at 1:20 (5%) = 90mm x 60mm.


The ideal format for the 6 Sheet is as follows: –

  • Quark Express 5 only – please include all third party extensions
  • Photoshop 7 only – any photoshop compatible files inc. Tiff, EPS, while Jpeg files should be saved at maximum quality.
  • Freehand 10 only – If converted to EPS, please save as an editable format.
  • Illustrator 10 only – parsed or placed images to be present with all text and strokes converted to outlines.


Always provide fonts used in the files created.


For optimum image quality, please supply scans on disc.

These must be CMYK and in Tiff, EPS or Jpeg format. For the appropriate resolution and size for your scans, the following guidelines may prove helpful

Final size dimensions x output resolution (56 dpi) = scan resolution 
Artwork dimensions.

It is also useful to save the images at 300dpi at your chosen ratio.

Disc Types:

CD Rom, ZIP, Syquest 44, 88 & 200Mb, Jazz 1Gb, 3.5″ Optical 128 & 230 Mb.

If you require your artwork back then please enclose a stamped addressed envelope otherwise we will destroy it in 1 month.

Proofs & Colour Matching:

The digital printing machines print in CMYK only, always specify colours in CMYK process. If Pantone colours are to be matched precisely, please refer to the Pantone Solid or Process matching system.

Always supply a colour proof with your artwork, preferably a high quality 3M Matchprint, Kodak, Iris etc which we need for accurate print colour matching.

Colour or black and white laser prints will be accepted for layout purposes only. If a colour match is not supplied as specified, we will not be held responsible for any colour inaccuracies.

Time Scales:

Complete artwork is required at least 3 days prior to your campaign start date.